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About Us

Mini Musicians was set up at the end of 2003 and rebranded Baby Boppers in 2009 by Debbie Caddy. Originally just 6 sessions a week, it has grown to over 30 sessions a week, catering for over 300 children and adults.  Debbie has a strong team of Session Leaders working to provide a quality service to the local area.  They believe in value for money, and have a strong belief that children should be individuals and develop at their own pace in an environment of praise and encouragement.


· We concentrate on our individual children and adapt the programme to suit the children in it. 

· Baby Boppers sessions are for 30 minutes, which, experience has shown us is the optimum period of time for a young child’s attention.

· We start with a few popular nursery rhymes and action songs, and as the children get older, introduce games which explore rhythm, pitch and tone.

· This framework can start to add discipline to the noises children love to make, and can give useful practice in listening and remembering.  We also work on social skills such as sharing, working together and taking turns.

· Our songs are chosen, not only for their catchy tunes, but because the actions involved can help develop speech, manual dexterity, and co-ordination.

· Our props and instruments are all in bags, which the older children are encouraged to come up and select from.  This encourages decision making skills, taking turns and confidence.  After the song has been sung, the children are then encouraged to return the item to the bag.  These tidying up skills are invaluable when they begin their schooling.

· Each Session ends with a goodbye song and a reward sticker for each child.


 Baby Boppers sessions are designed to be relaxed; most people hear “Musical” and look uncomfortable at the thought of performing in front of others, or not knowing the words and actions.   Not all of us can sing in key, or play an instrument, but we can all tap our feet to a catchy rhythm and enjoy a tune.






People often ask us, “What use is a music class to a baby”


Well, watch any adult successfully handle a baby, and you will see them rock, sway and jiggle, as they know instinctively that these simple body movements can provide the right amount of comfort or stimulus.  We often accompany this movement with humming or singing, this starts to introduce the pitch and tone of the human voice.  Babies quickly start to respond to this, and you have a two way communication.

Our baby instruments and toys have been chosen to develop pincer grip, spatial awareness and co-ordination. 

Our most confident children are often those who started with us as babies, with enthusiastic parents/carers, who joined in with the songs and actions.